Smart Science IoT Kit is developed based on loT:Bit, a new breakout board compatible with science sensors such as theultrasonic sensor, dust sensor, light sensor and water level sensor. It also includes RTC Timing and WIFI module. You can gather the data via the sensors and send the data to the cloud with more stable and accurate data analysis.



Smart Science IoT Kit是基於IoT:Bit開發的,IoT:Bit是與超聲波感應器,灰塵感應器,光感應器和水位感應器等科學感應器兼容的新型突破技術的模板。它還包括RTC計時和WIFI模塊。您可以通過感應器收集數據,然後通過更穩定,更準確的數據分析將數據發送到雲端。


Component number
micro:bit optional
IoT:bit 1
BME 280 1
PIR sensor 1
Light sensor 1
Noise sensor 1
Water level sensor 1
soil moisture sensor 1
Sonar:bit 1
Dust sensor 1
180° servo 1

ElecFreaks Smart Science IoT Kit for Micro:bit