Micro:bit basic kit is an entry-level kit. We carefully select 5 most common electric bricks, which can be easily connected to micro:bit via basic:bit. This kit can help students learn how to build their micro:bit projects quickly. And these electric bricks can be driven by Makecode defaulted blocks directly. You don't have to add any extra package. It is helpful for students to understand the usage of electric bricks from its principle.



Micro:bit Basic Kit是一組入門級套件。我們精心挑選了5種最常見的電磚,它們可以通過basic:bit輕鬆連接到micro:bit。該套件可以幫助學生學習如何快速創建其micro:bit項目。這些電磚可以由Makecode Blocks直接驅動。您不必添加任何額外的程序包。這能幫助學生從原理上了解電磚的用法。


Component number
micro:bit optional
Basic:bit 1
LED Module 1
Crash Sensor 1
Potentiometer 1
Servo 1
ADKey 1
USB Cable 1
Crystal Battery Box 1
Basic:kit Manual Book 1


ElecFreaks Basic Kit for Micro:bit