The Micro:bit Smart AI Lens kit has wide applications like card-identification, line tracking, ball tracking, color identification and face tracking. It has a wide angle view allowing it to take a full image of an object.


It can be used in wide applications, such as:

  • card identification
  • line tracking
  • ball tracking
  • colour identification
  • one button to acquire
  • face tracking



Micro:bit Smart AI Lens Kit具有廣泛的應用,例如卡識別,線追蹤,球追蹤,顏色識別和面部識別。它還具有廣角視野,可以拍攝物體的完整圖像。


  • 卡識別
  • 線追蹤
  • 球追蹤
  • 顏色識別
  • 一鍵獲取
  • 人臉追蹤

Micro:bit Smart AI Lens kit