【About Tinker Kit】Elecfreaks Tinker Kit is sourced from Singapore training organization TINKER CADEMY which has a professional team and a strong academic background. A variety of octopus sensors and lots of project tutorials to help you create dozens of amazing digital maker projects!

【Octopus Sensors】 Connect limitless creativity with different sensors.Such as leds, servo, oled, buzzer, crash sensor, pir sensor, soil moisture sensor, ADKeypad and more.

【Graphical Programming Languages】It fits for graphical Makecode programming, Children can use easier-to-understand programming method to achieve what they want. It better improves children's interest in programming!

【Perfect and educational gift 】With all of the components, we offer 35 cases to enable users to create dozens of amazing digital projects and basic programming. There will be learning link in the Guidance Manual.




【關於Tinker Kit】Elecfreaks Tinker Kit來自新加坡培訓機構TINKER ACADEMY,該公司擁有專業的團隊和強大的學術背景。多種Octopus感應器和大量項目教程,可幫助您創建數十個驚人的數字製造者項目!








Micro:bit Tinker Kit