UNO R3 is an open source controller (MCU) that provides 14 digital input/output pins (6 of which can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, 16 MHz quartz crystal, USB connection, power jack, ICSP Connector and reset button. It contains everything needed to support the microcontroller;

Just use USB to connect to the computer, or use an AC to DC adapter or battery power to start using. You can modify your Arduino program without worrying about making mistakes. The worst case is to start again, and you can use your creativity at will.

The development software Arduino IDE can be downloaded for free on this site, and the downloading program is simple and convenient. There are many sample programs in the program, which can easily use sensors and various electronic component connections (such as: LED lights, buzzers, buttons, photoresistors, etc.) to create a variety of interesting works.


Core chip: ATmega 328
USB chip: CH340G
Operating frequency 16MHz
Memory capacity 32KB (0.5KB startup capacity)
Working voltage 5V
Input voltage 7-9V (recommended)
Input voltage 6-20V (limit)
Pin (PIN) 14Pin (6 of them support PWM)
Analog pin (Analog PIN) 6Pin (input)
External interface DC / USB Type B



UNO R3是一款開源控制器(MCU),提供14個數字輸入/輸出引腳(其中6個可用作PWM輸出),6個模擬輸入,16 MHz 石英晶體,USB連接,電源插孔,ICSP接頭和復位按鈕。 它包含支持微控制器所需的一切;

只需使用USB 連接到電腦,或使用AC到DC 配配器或電池供電即可開始使用。您可以修改您的Arduino程式,而不必擔心做錯,最糟糕的情況是重新開始,可任意發揮你的創意。

開發軟件Arduino IDE可在本站免費下載,下載程序簡單、方便。程式內附多個範例程式,可簡單地使用傳感器、各式各樣的電子元件連接(如:LED燈、蜂鳴器、按鍵、光敏電阻等等),做出各種各樣有趣的作品。




  • 核心芯片: ATmega 328
  • USB芯片: CH340G
  • 運行頻率 16MHz
  • 內存容量 32KB (0.5KB啟動容量)
  • SRAM 2KB
  • 工作電壓 5V
  • 輸入電壓 7-9V (建議)
  • 輸入電壓 6-20V (極限)
  • 引腳(PIN) 14Pin (其中6條支持PWM)
  • 模擬引腳(Analog PIN) 6Pin (輸入)
  • 外部接口 DC直流 / USB Type B



UNO R3 開發板 (完全兼容Arduino UNO R3 Compatible Board)